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Attention of the Tenants and Business Owners

We Lease:

Retail premises:
Premises are used for locating new format farmers' markets ("Azbuka Fermy" - own project of the company).

Premise parameters:
Location - Moscow
Area - from 1 000 sq.m. to 2 000 sq.m.
Premise type - freestanding buildings, street-retail objects, premises in shopping centers

Forms of cooperation:
- Lease: location of the farmers' market as a tenant on your retail area
- Purchase: buy-out of the premise by own funds with subsequent arrangement of the farmers' market
- Management: arrangement of the farmers' market on your retail area by attracting Blackstone Keeping Company as a management company

We Lease Out:

Retail premises:
Area from 2 sq.m. to 200 sq.m. for locating and selling farmer's products within the frame of new format farmers' markets developed by our company ("Azbuka Fermy").

Areas in retail real estate objects:
- Velyaminovskaya St, 6, Moscow. Areas - from 60 sq.m. to 200 sq.m.
- Bratislavskaya St, 20, Moscow. Areas - from 100 sq.m. to 700 sq.m.

Areas in Office Centers:
- VolgogradCITY, Rokossovsgogo St, 62, Volgograd. Class A multifunctional center. Areas - from 30 sq.m. to 500 sq.m.

We Buy:

Retail real estate:
Location - Moscow and Moscow region
Value - up to RUB 200 mln
Payback period - not exceeding 7 years

Eventually we can purchase a retail premise for locating a farmers' market on its area ("Azbuka Fermy") (see above).

We Invite for Collaboration:

Owners of commercial real estate objects:
Collaboration conditions - integrated and trust management (the company management fee amounts from 5% to 10% of the net operating income - NOI).
Objects area - starting from 10 000 sq.m.
Location - Moscow, Moscow Region, Russian regions

Farm enterprises and agricultural products manufacturers:
Within the frame of "Azbuka Fermy" project we collaborate with farmers on the following product categories:

- Meat
- Fish
- Fruits and vegetables
- Milk products
- Sausage
- Cheese
- Pastry
- Pickles
- Semi-products
- Dried fruit/spices

Retail equipment can be yours or provided by the company.